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Your service, now with no buffering—just smooth, quick play. Welcome to speedier entertainment

Multiple Devices

Stream on up to 5 devices simultaneously with just one TIVIPRIME account.


Stay entertained on the move with TIVIPRIME—watch your favorite content on cellphones, tablets, and more, anytime, anywhere

Live Action for Everyone

Enjoy live sports and TV Shows for all—our “SPORTS EVENTS OF THE DAY” section ensures you catch every must-see game, while our comprehensive library brings you the TV shows you’ve been searching for.

Ultra HD Quality

Ultra HD Quality

Ultra-Fast Servers

10,000+ World Channels

Easy Installation

SD, HD, FHD AND 4K Quality

Low prices

Fast Support


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Opt for flexibility with TIVIPRIME plans ranging from 1 to 12 months and enjoy the
convenience of 1 to 5 simultaneous connections.

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What Users are Sayin

Nina Farell

"Since joining TIVIPRIME, I've canceled all my other subscriptions and haven't looked back. The savings are incredible, and I still have access to a broader range of shows and movies than ever before. It's the best value for my entertainment budget, hands down."

Tony Lindley

"Switching to TIVIPRIME has been a game-changer for my family's viewing habits. We've found shows that cater to all our tastes, and the multi-connection option means we can all watch what we want, when we want—without fighting over the remote!"

Harry Olson

"I was hesitant to try another streaming service, but TIVIPRIME won me over with their incredibly fast streaming speeds and the vast selection of movies. It's like having a movie theater at my fingertips, and I'm never going back!"

Liza Wilson

"The 'SPORTS EVENTS OF THE DAY' section is phenomenal! As a sports enthusiast, I'm impressed by how TIVIPRIME keeps me up-to-date with games from all over the world. I haven't missed a single match since I subscribed."


"I travel a lot for work, and TIVIPRIME has been my loyal companion during travels and hotel stays. The convenience of watching on multiple devices means I can watch football while on the road on my tablet while my children watch cartoons at home. Plus, their curated playlists are spot on!"

Experience TIVIPRIME® -48 Hours On Us!

Discover the full range of TIVIPRIME® with our 48-hour free trial. Dive into a world of movies, series, and sports with no commitment. It’s time to explore premiumstreaming that fits perfectly into your life. Why wait? Your next favorite show or movieis just a click away—absolutely free for the first 48 hours. Start your TIVIPRIME® journey today!


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