Are you a fan of gaming on Xbox and also love watching digital content? We have good news for you. Our great service app is now seamlessly integrated with Xbox, which means you can enjoy all your favorite content without having to switch between different apps.

Whether you’re looking for a movie to watch after a game session or want to listen to music while you play, our great service app gives you a viewing and listening experience seamlessly integrated with your Xbox. With Xbox integration, you can access all your content right from your game console.

Plus, with our great service app integrated with Xbox, you can create custom playlists, search for content, and access all of the app’s features right from your Xbox. You no longer have to switch between different devices to enjoy your favorite content.

So if you’re a fan of gaming on Xbox and you also love watching digital content, wait no more and download our great service app for a seamless viewing experience with Xbox. Enjoy all your favorite games and content in one place!

Step 1:
Home and Search

Start your Xbox One and connect it to the Internet connection. Go to the Applications section and find MyIPTV Player.

Step 2:

Select the player and click Install to download the app.

Step 3:

After installation, launch it and navigate to the Settings menu. Select Add new playlist and EPG source.

Step 4:

Head over to the Remote Channels section and enter an appropriate name for your playlist.

Step 5:

Enter the m3u path or URL you received from the IPTV provider. Now, tap on Add Remote List. After adding the playlist, you need to add the EPG source. Go to the Program Guide (EPG) section and enter the same username. In the next field, enter the URL of the EPG feed you received and tap Add EPG feed.

Step 6:

After adding the m3u playlist and EPG source, you need to configure your settings to load the channels. Return to the Settings page (Step 3).

In the Select Channel Playlist section, click the dropdown icon next to Select Playlist. Select your m3u playlist and hit the refresh button. A notification will appear on the screen indicating that the channels have been updated successfully.

Step 7:

Now you need to update the EPG source. Go to Select EPG Source > select your source > click the Update button. Wait for the EPG source to download. After downloading, scroll down to the Channel & EPG settings section and make sure the toggle under the next menu is turned on.

Update the list of remote channels when starting the application
Download EPG when there is no data available on the current data.

Return to the home page and navigate to the Channels section. The channel list will appear on the screen.

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