Samsung & LG TV

Samsung & LG TV

Samsung and LG are two of the leading manufacturers of
televisions in today’s market. Both companies offer
a wide range of TVs with different features
and specifications, including models with 4K technology,

Samsung and LG TVs also often include a
variety of smart features, such as the ability to
connect to the Internet, access to streaming applications,
voice control and compatibility with home devices
intelligent. In short, Samsung and LG are brands of
well-established and popular televisions on the market,
known for offering image quality and an experience
immersive viewing.

Step 1:
Download the app iBO Player on your equipment

In order to access the content it is necessary
download the app on your computer.

Step 2:
iBo Player generates a image with codes of your smart TV.

Send the generated codes to the TIVIPRIME team by means of a screenshot or photograph that is 100% legible together with the access credentials that were provided via email.

Step 3:
Configured device.

Once your device is set up, restart the app and then click on TIVIPRIME.

Step 4:

Now you can enjoy our content, enter and start browsing the different classifications.

Enlarge the screen:

Select a channel and click it to enlarge the screen.


Add subtitles according to your preferences.

The app has an approximate cost of $10usd per year, it offers 7 free days for you to use it and see how it works and if you like it.

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