«Do you like to enjoy your movies, series and games in the best possible quality? Our excellent service application offers you the perfect integration with your PlayStation so you can experience the best viewing experience.

With our app, you’ll be able to connect your PlayStation with a wide variety of devices and access your favorite digital content on the big screen in exceptional quality. Whether you want to watch your favorite series, first-run movies or games, our app offers you a unique and satisfying viewing experience.

In addition, thanks to the seamless integration of our application with your PlayStation, you will be able to control the playback and adjust the image and sound quality directly from your console. This means that you will be able to personalize your viewing experience according to your preferences and enjoy your digital content in the best possible way.

Want to take your PlayStation viewing experience to the next level? Download our application now and experience the seamless integration of your console with the best service to view digital content. You won’t regret having all your fun in one place!»

Step 1:
Plex account

To deploy the IPTV app on PS3 or PS4, you need a Plex account. After creating a Plex account, follow these steps:

On PS3, 4 open Playstation Store and search for PLEX.

Step 2:
Look for

Click the Search icon.

Step 3:

Then, type and search for the Plex app.

Step 4:
Download and Install

Select the Download button to install the Plex app. After installing the Plex app, launch it. And now you can see an activation code.

Go to the activation page of the Plex platform and enter the 4-digit code. Then select the Link button.

Step 5:

Now, you can open the Plex app on your TV connected to the Playstation device.

Now enjoy all your favorite IPTV channels on PS3 and PS4.

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